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    The Charles Metcalf and Instructor of the Year Awards are given annually by the IASC to recognize individuals that devote much time to educating our youth in the various aspects required to become a legal, safe, courteous, etc Snowmobiler.

    Each year we ask the IASC Membership to nominate deserving snowmobile safety instructors to add to this list. These individuals are recognized at the SEP Brunch at the annual Convention.

    The Charles Metcalf nominee should be a person who has been dedicated to and has done an outstanding job of teaching snowmobile safety education for many years — need not be actively teaching at this time. The Instructor of the Year nominee should be a person who is presently teaching and doing an outstanding job.

    Charles Metcalf & Instructor of the Year

    Nominations may be submitted by IASC member snowmobile clubs or individual IASC/Club members. The following OFFICIAL NOMINATION FORM MUST BE USED. All nominations should include a cover letter offering some insight into why you feel your nominee should be chosen and pictures supporting your nominee. Also include the nominee’s full name, address, a description of the nominee and their contributions to snowmobiling, as well as an explanation as to why these contributions are particularly noteworthy.

    To download the nomination form, click here

    Please submit 2 original nominations by October 1st

    Charles Metcalf Award Recipients:

    1976 – Tom Gardner
    1982 – James Ostick
    1983 – Bruce “DOC” Benstien
    1985 – David Lesak
    1986 – Joe Miller
    1988 – Murray Quincer
    1989 – George &  Beverly “Toots” Brefeld
    1990 – George Gore
    1991 – Elwyn “Tiny” Sanders
    1992 – Mel Blaurock
    1993 – Jack Dunkel, Jr.
    1994 – Larry Ratzlaff
    1995 – Warren Schultz
    1996 – James & Ruth Bond
    1997 – Ken Fiske
    1998 – Ed Kelly
    2000 – Ron Hambly
    2001 – Rich and Eddie Jelinek
    2002 – Gerry Grignon
    2003 – Marvin Binkley
    2004 – Bonnie & Merle Schultz
    2005 – Bill Brown
    2006 – Scott Kenewa
    2007 – Bill Brown, Dale Devera, Keith Smith, Hiram McLaughlin, and the late George Janacek
    2008 – John Oliver
    2009 – Barb and Duke Mueller
    2010 – Cynthia Brewer
    2011 – Sue Giese
    2012 – Sue Metz
    2013 – Kim Moon-Armbrecht
    2014 –Hank Armbrecht
    2015 – Joe Kurelo
    2016 – Joe Murphy
    2017 – Pat Pendergast
    2018 – Warren Schultz
    2019 – Gary French
    2021 – None

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